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Overview of Manhattan Beach, CA Visitation

Types of Visitation Arrangements

The state of California observes four different types of visitation arrangements. Specified visitation allows visitation with the parent not holding sole custody during a specified and scheduled timeframe. Open visitation allows the parent not holding sole custody to visit with the children as they please. Supervised visitation requires the parent visiting to only do so while supervised by an agreed upon party. No visitation prohibits the parent not holding sole custody to visit with the child under any scheduled, unscheduled, or supervised circumstances.

Visitation Orders

Obtaining a visitation order is the first part of the process involved with visitation. Advanced Paralegal Services paralegal services will work to draft your visitation order document and file your order to begin the visitation process. If any modifications need to be made to your order at any time, Advanced Paralegal Services professionals will work with you to make modifications as necessary and complete any filings as necessary. In some instances, the other parentwill contest visitation arrangementsand mediation may be required to meet at a compromise or have the case heard by family court.

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Advanced Paralegal Services paralegals are at the ready to help you through the Manhattan Beach, CA visitation process from beginning to end. During the initial ordering of visitation arrangements, our paralegal professionals will assess your needs through a consultation and begin drafting your order documentation to file with the court. Should any modifications be required throughout the life of your visitation agreement, Advanced Paralegal Services paralegal professionals will revise your order or draft a new document to be filed to change the original agreement.

If parents do not agree with a visitation order or modification, their case may be taken to mediation or before a judge in family court. Any necessary legal documentation or filing associated with these processes can be taken care of by our paralegal professionals.

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