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In simple or complex probate cases, speaking with a paralegal in Manhattan Beach, CA ensures you’re going down the right avenues for a successful experience.

Overview of Manhattan Beach, CA Probate

Probate in Manhattan Beach, CA

California estates with assets worth $150,000 or less may be completely settled without the need to go through the full and formal probate process. Regardless of real or personal property, this simple form of probate called Summary Probate is available.

Simplified Probate in Manhattan Beach, CA

Simplified probate in Manhattan Beach, CA may be filed with the assistance of one of our paralegals. After the initial 40 day waiting period in the State of California, the procedure will likely be able to be completed, taking a much shorter time and requiring a much less involved process than that involved with formal Probate proceedings.

In order to qualify for Simplified probate in Manhattan Beach, CA, a few situations must be present. First, no administration proceedings may be pending or conducted for the estate. In the event that they have been conducted, the personal representative of the estate must consent in writing to the simplified Probate procedure. Also, the gross value of all real and personal property owed by the deceased at the time of their death may not exceed $150,000.

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The probate process in Manhattan Beach, CA can be confusing for those struggling with the death of a loved one and handling their estate, and we're here to help with knowledge and compassion. During your consultation, our experts will answer any questions you may have about the Probate process, as well as take care of any documentation and filings required to settle the estate.

While simplified probate in Manhattan Beach, CA does not require legal representation or assistance to file, there can be many legal ambiguities in a Will, Unresolved claims to contend with, contested claims against the estate, and other bumps in the road that may arise. Advanced Paralegal Services services ensure a clear and concise process ensuring the smoothest possible experience.

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Do I have to go to Probate Court if the person did not leave a will?


How long does probate take?

It can take up to 6 to 12 months.

How can I become an administrator?

The Court has to issue Letters stating that you are the administrator.

How is an estate distributed?

If there is a Will, it would be distributed based on that. If there is no will, the order is: Spouse, Children, Parents (if no children), Siblings (if you have no children or parents)


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