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Advanced Paralegal Services provides paralegal services for all Custody cases in Manhattan Beach, CA. Talking to a paralegal about your Custody case ensures the smoothest possible experience.

Overview of Manhattan Beach, CA Custody

Legal Custody

The state of California observes three different types of legal custody. Joint custody refers to both parents sharing physical and legal custody of a child or children, Sole custody refers to one parent having both Physical and Legal custody of a child or children, and joint Legal/Sole Physical custody refers to one parent having sole physical custody while both parents share Legal custody. Advanced Paralegal Services paralegal services cater to any and all types of Custody observed in the State of California.

Physical Custody

Physical custody, unlike Legal custody, refers to the physical care of the child and not just their legal decision making needs. Joint physical custody situations refer to both parents sharing in the physical care of the child or children, Sole or Primary custody refers to one parent taking on all of the physical care of the child, and Joint legal/Sole physical custody refers to both parents taking on the legal end of custody while one parent holds complete physical care.

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Advanced Paralegal Services paralegal professionals help you through the custody process from the initial petition to the Judgment filing custody and through all modifications to that order as they arise. Today, custody is not awarded to either the mother or the father automatically, and all of the children’s needs must be considered first before any custody agreement is made. We will walk you through the initial order and modification processes from beginning to end, answering your questions and ensuring an understanding experience.

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What is the difference between legal custody and physical custody?

Legal: Make legal decisions on matters impacting the child. Physical: Where child lives on a regular basis.

Can I get a court order for custody and visitation if the other party does not join the case?

Yes, you can. You will have to go through a Request for Order hearing or Default Setting.


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